Into Vastness


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Into Vastness may serve as a tool for people on the path of self-inquiry. This book is not a supplement to meditation practice, but a meditation in itself. Its aim is to propel the reader beyond intellectual adventures in cosmology, beyond a cursory insight into the workings of mind and spirit … beyond thought and into the vastness of profound revelation, the experience of the opening of the mind.


The subject of this book is metaphysics, but Into Vastness was not written for people who want to merely read about metaphysics, it is intended for those who can act when knowledge empowers them. The ensuing discourse is a stage set for the reader.

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We are immersed in a world of tangible, material form and ethereal, immaterial form, a world that takes its shape according to our perception – but the fact remains that all is vibration. Even if we tend to have this firm image about ourselves, we are only vibration.

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