Desthein came into the world with the gift of an innate knowing of true Being. Ever since a very early age, he has pursued and deepened and integrated that knowing with uncompromising dedication and devotion. Consequently, Desthein has come up with a very unique approach to awakening to one’s true nature based on a perspective of consciousness unfolding within multidimensional systemic cycles within the Absolute.

Since Desthein’s books became available online, people from all over the world have begun to deeply resonate with his message. Desthein has since been sharing his insights in the form of spontaneous encounters, and in one-to-one and group discussions with seekers in search of the direct experience of truth.

Desthein brings a deep maturity of spiritual understanding in his talks and tenth published books. The clarity and originality in which he speaks and writes about living in the unlimited awareness of Being is utterly authentic and thought-provoking.